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👋🏼 Learn about Meetbit–why it was made and what it can do for you.

The fuzz about scheduling

The ways in which we work and meet have always been changing – but the one thing that has remained the same is the way we find time for these. ⏰

We started off like you, frustrated about the complexities that arose around a simple question: "When are you free to meet?"

In our path to finding a solution for this problem, we found that while there are many meeting scheduling tools out there, people still seemed to revert to the same old back-and-forth messaging. Every other option didn't quite match up to the personal and human touch we all long for.

Until we built Meetbit. 💡

Made for humans

The philosophy is simple: We don't just take time off your scheduling, we make people want to hop on a call with you too.

Scheduling that's fast AND personalized. Meetbit does both right. ✌🏼

What we've built

Meetbit is as flexible as it is powerful. Use it to schedule product demos, engage with existing clients, acquire new users, generate leads, and of course, to sit down with your amazing virtual team. 🙆🏻‍♀️

Here are a few things you can do using our tools:

  • Add all your calendars in one view
  • Directly schedule events on your Meetbit dashboard
  • Book meetings in line with your Team's Availability
  • Share custom meeting links that generate time-slots based on your availability
  • Automate message-ready meeting links that you can embed on your emails (make your cold emails a little bit warmer ☀️ )
  • Schedule meetings within your communication tools–Slack & Microsoft Teams

... and a lot more!

We can't wait to get you onboard! Explore the rest of the Help Center to dive in. 🌪