Finally, a scheduling tool both you and your applicants will love.

MeetBit automates the entire interview scheduling process so that you're left with meaningful work, and none of the fuzz!

Earn back time for the best parts of your job

Shorten the time to land a successful hire.

No need to catch the schedules of department managers or top execs! Send over their meeting links to candidates & speed up the entire hiring process.

Maximize your team’s flexibility.

Coordinate your team’s calendars and send round robin meeting links for max flexibility.

Eliminate email ping-pong and get straight to the initial screening

Let candidates choose a time from your company booking link. Interviews are never double-booked, and reschedules are quick and easy!

All the features you need to schedule efficiently and cut down the manual work.

Uncomplicated scheduling built with ease-of-use in mind

Scheduling shortcut

Quickly access scheduling actions straight from your device’s spotlight search

Prevent last minute bookings

Guard against unexpected bookings by setting up a minimum required notice period

Stack all your calendars in one view

Whether for work, personal, or side projects–get a consolidated view of all your calendars to avoid possible conflicts at all costs.

Receive pre-meeting notifs *

Reduce no-shows with on-the-dot notifications before a meeting is about to start

Customize your booking form *

Personalize your booking page to fit your brand’s needs. Add your company logo and customize fields to your liking

Email workflow automations *

Manage your workflow like it’s on autopilot by automating your pre and post meeting emails

* = coming soon

Work with tools you already love

We play nicely with other tools in your scheduling workflow.


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