Emails being ghosted 🤭? Use these 6 proven tricks to catch your prospect’s attention.

Cold emails are hard to crack 🧊; but now that the world has fully transitioned online, it gets even tougher.

You, dear reader, are competing against numerous other people on the basis of your recipient's attention. Think about it, how many cold emails pour in their inbox all day? And, what will make them notice yours amidst all the noise?

Below are 6 steps you should take to craft a standout email that gets you in meetings with the people you want. Ghost begone! 👻

Build rapport before knocking on their door

Go to LinkedIn or Twitter and engage with them. Leave a reply on their post or add something insightful to it. Build the rapport early on so they know your name even before you reach out.

Catch them at the subject line

An eye-grabbing subject line gets you one foot in the door! There's no complicated formula for this. The secret is to (1) keep it simple and (2) personalize.

Example subject line: "Hey, Lance"

Hyper-personalize your introduction

If you're sending an email, the last thing you want is to make it look generic. Make your cold emails a little bit warmer by adding a personal touch!

Mention something unique about the recipient: that series they've been binging, the article they've been featured on, or their recent accomplishment at work.

Angle your message

Whatever cold email you are writing, remember that it has to be angled in a way that provides direct value to the reader. What may be an attractive feature to some, does not apply to all.

Treat each of your recipients as members of the royal family. Identify their individual agendas and persuade from there.

Follow ups are your best friend

It's okay to get ghosted at first, don't be discouraged! It's a rule in the book to have at least 3 to 5 follow-ups. Your message may have been buried in a wave of emails the first time, but you'll never make it out of the surface if you don't try again.

...And when you finally grab their attention

You've gone this far, congratulations! Don't ruin all your hard work by dissuading prospects with bad email etiquette. Inserting a rogue Calendy link is a major 🚩🚩🚩 , while scheduling through back-and-forth messaging might make you lose your lead altogether.

Add some human courtesy in your ask and use Meetbit to capture your lead instead. It might just be the call that secures a $10k deal.

That's it for a ghost-proof cold emailing experience!

For higher chances to capture leads that matter the most to you, use Meetbit–the smart scheduling tool for outreach emails. 🙆🏻‍♀️

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Juliana Ong

Juliana Ong

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