Nov 11 Change Log: Make magic with team scheduling

While I'm sure we all have fond memories of the seminal When2Meet, it's about darn time someone created a cleaner, faster, and more modern way for teams to meet. ⚡️So we took it to ourselves to design something just like it, but better! (sans the archaic interface too)

With Meetbit's new and ultra-fast Team Scheduling features, bid goodbye to your former calendaring love and permanently settle down into your new home at Meetbit. 🏡

If you haven't made a team in your workspace yet, these new updates will make you want to. Scroll and watch the magic👇🏼

Add teams inside a workspace

Think of teams as private homes inside a big complex. Now, members can be segmented into their own little bubbles and be grouped according to their function inside the organization. How 🆒 is that?

  1. On the left side of the dashboard, click on workspace > preferences > teams. Workspace admins should see a "create a team" button.
  2. Type down the team name and add the necessary members.

Scheduling shortcut: search for your team

Now that we've announced teams on Meetbit, it's obligatory for us to add this time-saver of a feature too.

  1. Schedule a meeting with your team in a matter of seconds by searching for its name upon booking a meeting (works with both Direct Schedule and Create a Meeting Link options)
  2. Meetbit will automatically include all members in the meeting link. Voila, team meeting arranged in seconds.

Multiple Admins

Last but not the least, Premium Workspaces can now set multiple admins! This means more people have control over (1) adding and removing members, (2) creating and editing teams, and (3) choosing communication platforms.

🤯 That was a whole lot of updates–thanks for staying with us until the end! Remember, if you encounter any hiccups–major or minor, don't hesitate to let me know here. Lastly, to see a full list of updates, check out our changelog.



Co-founder & CEO

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