MeetBit is Turning 1 🎉

It’s MeetBit’s 1st anniversary and I can’t believe it’s been exactly a year since we started. It feels like just moments ago, we were pre-product and just pitching the idea of a scheduling assistant to potential early adopters.

In the year that has passed, MeetBit has gone from an idea by 2 college students to a scheduling solution that helps entire teams manage their availability and time.

Scheduling was a personal problem.

When Kirsten and I decided we wanted to start a startup together we started hunting around for an idea we could quickly test. We looked for problems we could address and well, started with things that personally were grinding up our own gears.

Back then, both of us were on the executive board of BYTE, our university’s startup organization. As student leaders, we had to deal with a lot of other students to bring our organization’s projects to life. On top of that, we had other clubs and had class group works like every other student.

Whilst looking for a problem, we realized we found ourselves in a certain situation all too often. We would be in a group chat with other students and when we had to meet, it would take ages to find a common time. Someone would say, “I have class sorry”, “how about tom instead?” or some other response that would force the scheduling conversation to definitely last a few hours.

This was how we started MeetBit. We thought, what if there was a way to send a single message and get the perfect meeting schedule right away. We wanted to just say: “MeetBit schedule a meeting with everyone here tomorrow” and we would get a meeting scheduled instantly with the entire group.

Spending time on what really matters.

There always is something to work on, and with the finite amount of time we have each day, we have to pick and choose which comes first and what can be put off for another day. For certain roles, there are tasks to be prioritized and ones that shouldn’t.

Sales teams meet with clients and close deals, marketing teams ideate and build campaigns and management strategize and guide. But, whatever the role is, everyone has to meet with who they’re working with. This, then makes scheduling a task that everyone has.

However, scheduling isn’t the core role that people have and is a menial task we just all have to do. But, we end up spending so much time trying to find time, things get done later than we’d like to or we're squeezed when we actually have to do our job.

We understand how important scheduling is. But, we also understand it’s not what anyone wants to spend their time on. Coming from our own experience, we wanted to let people offload scheduling and focus on what they love and are good at.

We’re spending more time to help you save time.

MeetBit has since moved to become a scheduling powerhouse that handles your personal availability, finds common times with your teammates and organizes meetings with external partners. You might think we’re almost done here and that in the year that has passed we’ve finally got scheduling covered. However, there’s still so much to address and we’re now bringing in even more people on board to spend more time in solving this problem.

From 2 student founders, we’ve now grown to a team of 7 and are actively hiring. We'd love to have you, so head on over to to join the us. We’re also midway through our pre-seed funding round and we’re happy to have the support of Buko Ventures and many angels from Manila Angel Investors Network and our own network.

Time is a valuable resource that we all have. And we want to continue to help you in maximizing this efficiently. We started MeetBit so we could get scheduling over with and move to what we were trying to schedule in the first place. As we head on forward, and with our team, investors, advisers and of course you our dear users, we're confident in just a little bit more time, scheduling all your meetings will truly happen in just a snap.

Lance Villacin

Lance Villacin

Resident Doctor of Curiosity 🧐 CEO & Co-Founder of MeetBit