What's new on MeetBit: Cancel & Edit Events, Unlimited Zoom Connections

Been quite a while since the last MeetBit update. 👋🏼 If you're not aware yet, we re-built MeetBit as an app and have been busy making progress on it ever since! You can read more about why we did it here 👇🏼

MeetBit scrapped everything & started from scratch: Here’s why
MeetBit now takes shape in a newly built desktop app! Here’s are 4 cool features you should expect to see! 👇

Major announcement aside, for this month's MeetBit changelog we're excited to bring in these features to the app:

  1. Cancelling & Editing Events on MeetBit
  2. Unlimited Zoom connections

Cancelling & Editing Events on MeetBit

Made a mistake in your calendar event? You can now edit or delete your event with a click of a button.

Click on the event you intend to make changes on, hover to the upper right corner and choose between edit or delete.

Connecting to Zoom

You can now connect to unlimited Zoom accounts on MeetBit!

Click "Settings" on the lower left button of your app, scroll to "Web Conferencing Tool" and connect with the Zoom account of your choice.

And that's a wrap! Hoping this makes your MeetBit experience better than ever. ⭐️



Co-founder & CEO

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